Welcome to the Mille Lacs County Area DAC!

Serving Persons with Disabilities in Central Minnesota Since 1970.

Our Mission:

To provide vocational and social opportunities for individuals with disabilities, to help them realize their full potential and to improve their quality of life as they grow in their community.


DAC stands for Developmental Achievement Center, which is actually an old classification. Currently, programs like ours are considered DT&H programs.  Now you are asking yourself… WHAT IS A DT&H PROGRAM?

Day Training and Habilitation (DT&H) programs are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to assist adults with developmental disabilities or related conditions develop and maintain life skills, participate in community life and engage in proactive and satisfying activities of their own choosing.

The services provided by at DT&H are:

  • Supervision, training and assistance in the areas of self-care, communication, socialization and behavior management.
  • Supported employment and work-related activities.
  • Community integrated activities, including the use of leisure and recreation time.
  • Non-medical transportation services to enable persons to participate in the community.

Check out the people we serve being featured on Minnesota Bound for the AMAZING    work they do each and every day!